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Seven Events Where Topless Waitresses are in High Demand

Posted by Blake Rigby on
Seven Events Where Topless Waitresses are in High Demand

While topless waiting is not a popular profession, it is one that offers many work opportunities. This is especially true if you are a topless waitress Newcastle as skilled professionals are in high demand there.

That is not all, topless waiting pays well, especially if you are good at what you do and have a great agent. Also, the profession offers diverse opportunities for work. This is because you can do numerous things as your services will be required for different types of events. And if you have enough clout, you can choose what to do and where to work. Of course, that will be with your agent’s approval.

If you are interested in working as a topless waitress and want to know what your options are, this article has several. Below are some of the events where topless waitresses are in high demand.

Stag Nights

One of the events where your services as a topless waitress Newcastle will be in high demand are stag parties. If you didn’t know, stag nights are parties thrown for men just before they get married. They are usually organized by the groom’s best man. They are also a men’s only event. That shouldn’t surprise you, though, since men are the primary patrons of the profession. So, if you want a career as a topless waitress, be prepared to attend a lot of these.

Swinger Parties

Another event that requires the services of topless waitresses are swinger parties. They are events where people can hook up with others and have fun. Mostly, couples attend them. However, single women are also welcome. In most instances, however, single men are not welcome at them.

While sex is an option for many people who attend these parties, there are several other reasons why people attend. For some, it is to strike a connection and make new friends, for some others, it is to network. Some people even attend solely to indulge in the sexual tension and excitement that is natural to such events without participating in the proceedings.

While topless waitresses are in top demand for such events, they do not participate. Their job is limited to making sure the guests have enough to drink. So, you do not have to bother about being asked to join in.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are another type of event that has a high demand for topless waitresses. However, while a topless waitress Newcastle can be invited to any type of birthday party, both men and women, there is a higher chance of being invited to a man’s birthday party. The reason for this is simple: men are the primary patrons of the profession.

And like every other event that requires the services of topless waitresses, you won’t be required to do anything other than serve drinks and be a walking piece of art.

Birthday parties can happen anywhere, from private hotel rooms and adult restaurants to private homes. This is another thing you have to be prepared for.


As a topless waitress, you will also get many invitations to work at a casino or in poker dealing. These activities, while fun on their home, usually enhance their appeal by having entertainers like yourself around. While you will be required to ensure guests’ drinking glasses are always topped up, you will also serve another purpose, which is to ensure they are entertained and kept happy. And as a trained topless waitress, that shouldn’t be any problem for you.

Adult Restaurants

Adult restaurants also require the services of topless waitresses. Adult restaurants are just like normal restaurants, but with the incorporation of adult themes. In many instances, they are adjacent to strip clubs.

If you are considering a career as a topless waitress Newcastle, be ready to wait tables at adult restaurants. By the way, unlike stag nights, birthday parties, and other events, adult restaurants provide a steady source of income. These restaurants operate virtually every day, whereas the other work options are unpredictable.

Christmas Parties

Christmas cum End-of-Year parties are another event that predictably requires topless waitresses. These parties, while usually organized by men, usually have both men and women in attendance. They can be coworkers, a clique of friends, or be connected in some other way.

Hens Nights

Who says boys have to have all the fun? If you are a topless waitress Newcastle, expect to be in high demand for hen nights.

If you didn’t know, hen nights are the female version of stag nights. They are a celebration for women who will get married soon. They are open to females only, usually close friends and family members of the bride.

And like stag nights, hen nights are usually one last night of debauchery before the bride goes off to be with her husband. These events are characterized by numerous activities like hat making, mug making, and mug painting.

To make things more interesting, it is not unusual to find topless waitresses at such events, especially in the modern day. This is not surprising as women appreciate the female body just as much as men do. They are also more in tune with this appreciation in the modern day than ever before.


The events in this article are the most popular events that require the services of topless waitresses. And while your task at all of them revolves around entertainment, there is usually different requirements.

Also, different events usually require different themes. For instance, where a stag party might have a punk, leather dress theme, an adult restaurant might have an innocent, schoolgirl one. As a professional, it is your job to adapt to the various things expected of you, while delivering a top-notch performance and satisfying the guests. What’s more? You can choose to stick to one type of event. For instance, many topless waitresses work in poker dealing. Some others are only available for birthday parties. While the profession is diverse, the decision on what to participate lies with you and your agent.

Topless Waitress Newcastle

6 Reasons You Should Hire a Topless Waitress

Posted by Blake Rigby on
6 Reasons You Should Hire a Topless Waitress

Topless waitresses make your party fun and a topless waitress, Newcastle will make it even more so.

A topless waitress is just like the name sounds – a female entertainer that serves drinks while semi unclad. And why they are as skilled as the average waitress, they are hardly ever hired for how good they are at waiting. Instead, these entertainers are hired for the entertainment they provide, which is an opportunity for both men and women to feast their eyes on the gloriousness of the female body. These ladies can be of service in different types of events, from restaurants to private parties. They are especially really popular at stag parties to usher in a new era for the groom.

If you are considering hiring topless waitresses for an event, whether a stag party, a birthday party, or what have you, here are six reasons why you are doing the right thing.

They will entertain you and your guests

Topless waitresses are, first and foremost, entertainers. Having them at your event will ensure your guests are entertained at every turn. From serving as an avenue for conversation to being a literal walking piece of art, they are a great source of fun.

By the way, topless waitresses are working people, like any normal person, and deserve respect. Because of this, if you try to start a conversation with them and they are not interested, leave them alone. Do not hassle or harass them. Also, do not solicit for sex with them, that is not their job. click here to learn about Seven Events Where Topless Waitresses are in High Demand.

They will keep your guests’ cups full

The “waitresses” that follows “topless” is not for show as their primary responsibility is to wait on guests. That is to say – they will ensure their cups do not run dry and their platters are not empty. What’s more? They are quite adept at waiting, since they are trained professionals.

So, basically, topless waitresses offer you two services in one – waiting and entertainment, which makes them a bargain for the prices they go for.

For this reason, you should definitely make hiring a topless waitress Newcastle – or more – a priority if you want to give guests at your event an exciting and unforgettable experience.

They will ensure your event proceeds smoothly

Another reason why you should hire topless waitresses is that they will ensure your event proceeds smoothly. How? You ask. Because they can handle themselves and people. Being a topless waitress requires charm and an ability to control and calm people. It also requires top-notch organizational skills. 

This unique set of skills allows them to keep your guests in check and under control. As a result, you can be sure a fight won’t break out among your guests. You can also be sure your event will run smoothly and your guests will be satisfied.

They look after people

Apart from the skills listed above, a lot of topless waitresses are also kind and empathetic. Because of this, you can trust them to look after your guests and ensure they are in good shape. For example, imagine one of your guests gets drunk and feels sick. The average topless waitress Newcastle will offer a helping hand and help them feel better. From helping them find someone who can help, like the person in charge, to marshalling them to a safe place themselves, you can rest assured they will not shy away from helping.

They are professionals

The average topless waitress Newcastle is a professional – she is experienced and adept at what she does. Hence, she will give you value for your money. Like we already mentioned, to be a topless waitress requires several skills and abundantly, too. For instance, it is essential to have an excellent knowledge of beers, wines, and other types of drinks and be able to balance a tray and move effortlessly within crowds serving drinks. It is also important to have a good memory to recall what was ordered, who ordered it, and where they are sitting.

While these skills require natural talent, they also require training. Without it, a topless waitress will not survive in the profession. It is a combination of these – skills, training, and experience – that makes them professionals.

They will fulfil your guests’ fantasies

Humans are creative and imaginative. These attributes are largely responsible for our progress as a species as, without them, we wouldn’t invent so much. More than that, however, they also have a hand in our fun and memorable activities.

Having a topless waitress Newcastle at your event is the perfect opportunity to fulfil men’s fantasies and make their imaginations a reality. Men – and women – love gorgeous women with smoking hot bodies. They dream and fantasize about them and would love an opportunity to spend time with them and get their attention. Besides, you can dictate the scanty clothing these women have on. Do your guests fantasize about naked women in punk clothing? Or do they lean toward women in lacey lingerie? Whatever the case, you can specify what the waitresses will put on and align it with what your guests like.

As a result of all these, hiring topless waitresses for your event means you are helping men bring their fantasies to life.

Given all of these reasons, you certainly see why you should hire topless waitresses for your next event. If it is for a stag party, your boys will love it and the groom to be will definitely appreciate this last trip down debauchery lane. And if it is for something else like a birthday party, the invitees, whether male or female will definitely have a good time. Hiring topless waitresses for your party is genuinely one of the most exciting and fun things you can do in that city, especially given the many talents the city has in that area.